How I Met Justin Bieber

By Mashota Mohamad

  • Release Date : 2011-07-05
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • FIle Size : 2.87 MB
Score: 4.5
From 94 Ratings


How I Met Justin Bieber Full of drama, friendship, and secrets. You're just an ordinary girl that likes Justin Bieber but have been dragged by one of your best friends to go to a Private concert with her until you're not allowed inside because you have be 18 and over. Your friend Stella is 18 and shes goes in...while you wait for see a back entrance...and when you open it..the door slams you in the head and...Who could it be Will it lead to anything



    By Fantaboulios
    OMG this book is so so good everyone should get it and for the writer please please write more PLEASE
  • How I met Justin Bieber

    By Marissap7
    I wish u wrote another book like season 2 about this I LOVE THIS BOOK and I didn't want it to end please make another series on how I met Justin Bieber.
  • how i meet justin bieber

    By selena rose
    i have justin bieber concert tickets too see him
  • OMG

    By HungerGames45088
  • Justin bieber

    By Katy-0
    This was a good book but the ending was not very good because if u are going to have a book like that there needs to be a second book because it left u hanging in a horrible spot
  • Rip off

    By airik66
    This book is a total rip off of Starstruck. It really makes me mad that this girl/boys thinks they can get away with writing a poorly written rip off a movie!!!!
  • Jealous !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Luv u justin bieber
    Ok I'm soooooo jealous uggs I'm like his #1 fan. I Mean seriously I luvvvvvv him 1,000,000,000,000,000,000%!!!!!!!!!!! :*!!! Ok in my room I have a JDB calendar a hole bunch of posters on my walls, ALL the cd's he's made so far and more ect ect ect..... Oh I almost fur got a a poster the size of my half my wall it's bigger than the ones you get in tiger beat,bop,twist,and all the other ones so I'm the BIGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!(he sooooo HOT)
  • How I meet Justin Bueber

    By Aubrie D.;)
    I really liked it!!! But i only got the sample...but I will bye it when I get money!!!!!:D
  • Keep writing!!!!!

    By DF7779
    Omg I loved this book so much I really want u to write more!!!!! If anyone says that this book was stupid then they are crazy and wrong! I actually felt like it was me but knew it wasn't :( that would be so awesome if it really was I'm like Justin Bieber's BIGGEST FAN!!! But haven't been to one of his concerts.:( I really want to go to one! Okay just saying that u r awesome and u really need to keep writing! Luv ya!
  • Ok i guess

    By cusimano2300 paigealexandra
    This book is awesome i hate reading but this book gets me hooked i just dont like how therenare a bunch of mistakes th e sample got me hooked bought the whole book i am a huge bueber fan so this book gives me butterflies kissing bieber a tone of times just him if ne called me baby gives me butterflies i cant wait to finish so i know what happens !!!!!! Omg i would love if my parents would let me date some1 like him !!!!! I love how she gets to sleep with him ao lucky !!!!! I just love love love this book